Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey folks,

long time no see!
At the moment I do not find (or take) the time to keep this blog updated but I might come back for IBC2012!

Anyways, I' ve got more stuff to sell, as always the equipment is at this moment in Luxembourg:


The Cool Lights CL-MF0150 CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metalhalide) Fresnel is the perfect, portable, energy efficient, hard light compliment to our Softlight fluorescent series. Based on HQI/HCI 150w single ended, G12 type metal halide compatible quartz or ceramic long life bulbs (typically 6000 hours for the ceramic version and 2000 hours for the quartz type) CDM bulb. CDM is a cold start technology which requires waiting for about 5 minutes after extinguishing the fixture/bulb before relighting. This is the main difference between CDM technology and HMI. Otherwise, this has all the same characteristics of an HMI fresnel. Included ballast is whisper silent and flicker free. We often call CDM the "fluorescent of hard lights", because of its "cool light" output and same 4 to 1 power efficiency as fluorescent. Works well for all types of media production from still photography to video or film. 

Great when you need that small and portable key or fill light for your setup. The physical size of the fresnel is the same as a typical compact tungsten 650w fresnel. Also, it's handy for projecting those cucaloris ("cookie") patterns on the wall behind a subject; or when you're using a gel to add some color to a setup, this unit provides all the light you need to make a powerful color streak or wash when using the barndoors and focusing knob in various combinations. Your subject will appreciate the fact that the light emanating from this unit is cool in temperature without the infrared component of a normal tungsten fixture. The fixture gets hot, but not as hot as a tungsten 650w fresnel--and since the light output is cool (temperature-wise) we still feel comfortable calling this a "Cool Light."

The Cool Lights CL-SRB0650 Softbox and Fresnel Speedring kit allows you to conveniently add a softbox and diffuse the output of our CDM 150 or Tungsten 650w fresnels (may be compatible with other brand fixtures but not guaranteed--ask about your fixture before ordering). Softening the light of a fresnel isn't just about adding some diffusion in front of the lens. You need a large surface area emanating light. Our 24" x 24" softbox will do just that. Includes softbox, speedring, eggcrate and diffusion material.

I will include a box with several 3000°K and 5400°K bulbs with it! 


Current shop price 2x $599  2x $79 (Softboxes) = $1356.00 plus duties, taxes and shipping 
My price 849 EUR plus tax 


- MicroMatteBox Deluxe Bundle; 
- wide format shade 15mm lightweight (60mm)
- swing-away arm (rods and baseplate not included)
- 3 universal 360 degree rotating filter stages
- 3 dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4x4 and 4x5.65” filter sizes
- 1 wide screen interchangeable matte
- microMatteBox flag mounting hardware
- 1 wide screen interchangeable matte
- Top eyebrow (french flag)
- 2 adjustable side wings
- 4 neoprene donuts to fit lenses of varying diameters (diameter of openings 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 102mm - additional sizes can be cut from supplied donuts)
-Peli case 19mm edition

microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle
microMatteBox additional Filter Stage with Filter Tray

current shop price $1594.00 plus duties, taxes and shipping
My price 849 EUR plus tax (almost not used, very good condition!)

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