Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I wonder if I would buy a new Epic by the end of the year if I would get the sensor update already applied to it without having to pay an extra 6k. If that would be the case, than everyone who got there Epic now and wants to buy the update has to make 6k dollars in the next 6 months to amortizate the costs! That said, 15plus dynamic range is a
thump up for me!

Update will start end of 2012 for epic.
Updates will start 2013 for scarlet.

source: http://www.red.com/news/red-at-nab-announcing-dragon-sensor


-5dmk3: I am not even going to talk about it!
-1D-C: 422, 8bit HDMI only for 16k dollars, are you pulling my lag??? Go fish!
-c500: supposed to be the epic killer, with the same price and inferior specs, (framerates, dynamic rage..) , I don t think so Canon. On the other hand drop the price to something like 12k instead of 36k and get rid of the c300 and we are talking!

so buh, buuh and buh!


-Sony FS700: framerate are cool, but I hate the video look that I have seen so far. 8 bit again? Pff boring. But lets wait and see about there 4k firmware update, if we can get 4k raw out of the SDI, this will make the thing interesting. But I dont put my hopes too high. That firmware will surly come at a price, a big one. So I dont know what to think about the cam, the dynamic range and low light characteristics seams to be identical to the F100.  If the firmware update will not come soon and will be free I would say... buh!


-CinemaCamera (wow, what a name) , I dislike the 15.6 mm x 8.8 mm effective frame size (at least let us use anamorphics on the 4:3 sensor) , the frame rates only up to 30fps (what about my tasty food slomos?), the form factor, the build quality (good luck taking that thing into the desert, jungle, sea sid, snow, dusty places), but on the other hand, build in ssd recorder, 13 stop DR, 2,5k resolution, 12 bit raw recording and most of all the price, about 2000 EURO (without VAT) and you get the davinci dongle and BM scopes with it. (thanks BM, I just bought my dongle to scratch my back). So yep, this is my favorite so far! Big thumps up!

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