Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As a big open source fan I found this bit of news very interesting;

Specs can be found here http://www.apertus.org/en/elphelcamera


Apertus will also release an open source raw-image processing tool called Open Cine.
Features are:

Feature Overview

  • Import Footage from Camera over network (FTP Transfer to backup location)
  • Import Footage from local drive
  • Preview Footage in real-time (GPU based raw debayering at full/reduced resolution [Reduced resolution equates to better playback performance])
  • View(all) / Edit(some) Metadata
  • Set IN/OUT points in footage
  • Apply color relevant RAW transformations (Whitebalance, Exposure, Curves, etc.)
  • Save/Load color transformation presets to/from File.
  • Adjustments are preserved in a XMP file that stays with the original unaltered footage.
  • Compare Color transformations (Presets A,B,C; split screen, etc.)
  • Live Histogram/Vectorscope
  • Batch Export RAW footage between IN/OUT to non destructive RAW conforming format
    (DNG, DPX, etc.)
  • Batch Export RAW footage between IN/OUT to destructive digital intermediate format
    (Quicktime Prores444, AVI DNxHD, Image Sequence, etc.)
  • Batch Export RAW footage between IN/OUT to destructive proxy format
    (Quicktime Prores422 (proxy), Quicktime/AVI MJPEG, etc.)

Source: http://www.apertus.org/

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Robert Olmstead said...

April 2012 - Apertus will create an entirely new, complete Open Source digital cinema camera!

See details in >>>http://www.apertus.org/en/apertus-camera-dp-team-up