Saturday, April 30, 2011

Technicolor just released the Cinestyle Picture style for the 5dmk2. You can download it here.

From my testings, it does not do any wonders as you might have thought after reading tests like the one on Zechs Blog (nope this is not log-c and rec.790 is still rec 709) .

Yes, you will gain a bit DR in the low lights, but no, you will not win anything in the highlights. I can also not confirm on the sharpness claims in the HLs. It was never that hard to get more details from the shadows with the canon dslrs so this picture style does not really bring anything new. For a long time now, I created picture style with the standart picture style editor, not based on an S curve but on a chrominance keys that affected only the blacks and brought them up into the captured range, I actually did that to the Highlights too with the same technique.

So my conclusion, Cinestyle is a wonderful picture style, that does give you more DR over canon standart Picture Style, but it does not bring anything groundbreaking as there has already been picture style with similar DR range.


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