Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magic Lantern celebrates its one year anniversary with an update,

Changes by AJ:

1) AJ MENU: *
Have a play and let me know what you think.

When you change the ISO (using the button) - the Canon menu is now displayed
for about 5 seconds

3) HOTKEY* : Enhancement
More details in the FALSE COLOURS MENU. When you press/hold the Joy-Centre
for a period of time (eg 1 sec) - on release, the false colours is toggled.

4) AUDIO* : Enhancement
When configuring audio - the audio meters are shown.
Options for Microphone source, analogue gain and digital gain dashboard

Activatable from GREEN SCREEN MENU.

6) ML CONFIG SAVE* : Enhancement
You can save config either immediately, every time the camera is switch
off, or Once (eg to save the exact state you want ML to start up in).

7) AF-ON* : Enhancement
I have tried to untangle the DryOs spaghetti of 'events' to enable more keys
to be on the Camera. I didn't have much success (mainly because when AF-ON
and ISO keys is pressed, the Dry-Os has a bit of fit). What I have done is
try and stop these keys from interfering with the keys in ML.

source: ML google group

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