Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey folks,

I' ll just point you to the feature page from Sony and to there official datasheet (pdf), click here. Meet me back here when you are done.

I again am very skeptical. Specs are looking good on paper, but the only thing I really care about is the footage and what you can do with it.
There are many rumors that this cam will be priced at $19,000 (body only). If that is true, Sony would place this cam in direct competition (at least from a price point of view) with Red EPIC/Scarlet. I doubt that the F3 can cut an edge on the new Red line-up (with such stunning features as there HDR mode).

This is the camera I would like to see in the pro-sumer segment priced at below $10k! But if it comes with the rumored price-tag it surly is not ideal for an investment (for double the money you would already get the Alexa which surely could be rented out so often you would never see it again).
I would not really see the market for it; Too much money for the Guerrilla film-maker (and consider PL lens prices), no shoulder option for the journalist (yeah right, I'll see the journalist running around with a clunky rod support to compensate for it), not ideal for independent cinema (codec sucks, unless hooked up to a external recorder! I don't like! ).

But let's wait for the footage.


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