Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camera-Mounted HD Network Video Encoder

Cube™ is the first of it’s kind, a camera-mounted HD network video encoder. Cube™ captures live video directly from the camera, encodes it using advanced video compression and streams it over ethernet or WiFi up to 1080p@23.98/24/25Hz , 1080i @ 50/59.94/60Hz, 720p@50/59.94/60Hz. The ability to stream HD video over IP from such a small device is unprecedented and provides users with a wealth of previously unimagined applications. Now anyone with a HD video camera can broadcast live video, all that is needed is a WiFi access point to a LAN, WAN, or broadband Internet connection. If WiFi is unavailable Cube™ features a 10/100 ethernet port.

Turn seminars into live webinars. Broadcast youth, high school, and college sports. Stream local theater, live performances, talent shows, and community events over the web. Broadcast weddings live to distant relatives. Webcast your morning radio show. The possibilities are endless. Cube™ uses the world’s most advanced video compression (H.264 High Profile, Level 4.1) to create Blu-ray quality video over IP. Cube™ is extremely low power, using only 2.5 watts of power. Cube™ can be powered by any 12V camera battery and features a terminal block connector that is adaptable to a wide range of popular connectors.

The sturdy aluminum case features a 1/4 inch through-hole that is used to attach a variety of mounting options. Cube™ can be mounted to the tripod screw under small consumer video cameras for simple handheld operation. Cube™ can also be mounted between the base of the camera and the tripod. For professional applications, Cube™ can be mounted to the camera’s accessory hot shoe or rail system. Cube™ features an advanced web user interface, accessible from any browser for easy configuration. To view live video in the field, simply turn on Cube™ and point your browser window to Cube™’s IP address, and voila! Live streaming HD video!


On-set Remote Monitoring

With Cube™ mounted to the camera, the signal is instantly broadcast around the set and back to the production office. Directors can monitor the on-set action using mobile devices and tablet computers such as the Apple iPad.

On location filming

Cube™ excels in shoots where mobility cannot be compromised. Cube™ facilitates vehicle-to-vehicle video transmission during running shots and car chases. Steadicam and hand-held camera operators will appreciate Cube™’s feather weight and wireless operation. Cube™ replaces the traditional coaxial cable run directly to the VTR operator, and eliminates the distribution of cables from VTR to the director, clients, video village, and replaces it with a distributed signal that can reach all corners of the set wirelessly, and even be broadcast back to the production offices, editors, and post production facilities.

Independent Filmmaking

Budget conscience film makers can now enjoy the benefits of live video monitoring without the prohibitive costs and limited mobility of hiring a video playback person. Directors and production crew can monitor live action on set or remotely. Cube™ keeps your camera crew light, mobile and fast.

News Gathering

News crews are no longer tied to the million dollar broadcast truck. Using Cube™, video is encoded and streamed over the nearest broadband connection. The Pervasiveness of broadband IP connections means that news gatherers can find the nearest WiFi portal and begin transmitting.

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