Monday, September 20, 2010

Red released first HDRx™ footage from an EPIC camera:

"We have successfully tested EPIC HDRx™ to 18 stops of dynamic range in motion. You can use the mode in two ways... Easy HDR (in camera) and HDRx™ (manipulate in post). It can be used several ways, including the "magic" way... which is very cool. Or there is a "normal" way to deal with motion blur. Since it is very rare to need 18 stops, you can set different HDR settings... like +3 stops, +4 stops, etc.

We are working with the Foundry for the HDRx™ mode.(...)
(About the footage:)It was shot in Las Vegas in HDRx™ Mode. It was processed with "Magic Motion" and not with MNMB. This motion mode is the same one that comes with EasyHDR™.
EasyHDR™- done in camera with "Magic Motion".
HDRx™- done in post with either "Magic Motion" or "MNMB" (More Normal Motion Blur).
Shot on EPIC camera ISO 800. 17-50 RED RPZ at T2.8.

We have demonstrated up to 18 stops with HDRx™ but don't think that is what will be used in the real world. We believe that 15-16 stops is all anyone will need for special situations or a specific look (like a super flat look or Magic Motion).

Please remember, this is VERY EARLY in development...
Jim Jannard"

source: reduser

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