Sunday, May 30, 2010

The final episode of "the great camera shootout" from Zacuto is out! You can find it on

This time they compared Kodak 5217, Fuji 8553, against 5dmk2, 7d, 1mk4, t2i, D3s, GH1, on a resolution-, color representation-, chroma key-test, and then they talked about workflow. After that they compared canon stills with canon screengrabs from the video mode, to give an idea how raw video of a future canon camera could look like.

What intrigued me at 18:56 is, that they say, by re-compressing to a high end format like prores422 you will gain a lot of gamma latitude. I would like to have heard more about this! Especially some tests. Anyways this is again a great shootout, definitely worth watching!

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