Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey folks,

I am back from Cannes. Wow! What a trip once again; I' ve got to play with the new Arri Alexa and a prototype of the new Viewfinder (more on this coming up soon). I've also got to see JR' s "Women are heroes" that was entirely shot with Canon 7D' s. I saw it on a 2k projection; I can only say WOW! The film itself and the image quality! Go and see it, as soon as it hits your cinema!

I saw JR's work in Palestine, Israel and France (Paris), I love the idea behind it!

Okay, let me update you on the scene;

US series with DSLR
The new house episode "help me" finally aired on the 9th of May on Fox. It was entirely shot with the 5dmk2. It looks fantastic! No wonder that other US series are now following; "true blood" from HBO is going to be shot on the 5dmk2 as well (with Zeiss ZE primes) and "Californication" is now seriously considering this set up as well.

Google' s VP8 open sourced!
As I expected, google finally open sourced the VP8 codec! Why this is big news? Read here .
Source code and more infos can be found here . Expect this codec to replace h.264 divx and co.

5dmk2 with PL mount
Hot rod has now a working prototype of a modified 5dmk2 with PL mount, expect it to be released soon. You will need lenses that are meant for 8 perf though (like Zeiss compact PL, e.t.c.). I wonder if there is a good reason to go for this expensive modification because Zeiss new compact PL v2 have interchangeable mounts PL/EF included.

Sony NEX-5

Sony recently unveiled it’s new addition to the HDSLR market with the Magnesium Alloy Body NEX-5. The camera uses Sony E-Mount lenses with an additional adapter to take larger Sony Alpha Zeiss Design Lenses. The APS-C sensor should work well for video work. However the tiny body will make it hard to keep this little sucker steady. Here are some of the Specs for the camera. At least it shoots 1080 HD. Click Here For Sony’s Take on the NEX-5

▪ 14.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor

▪ ISO range from ISO 200 to 12800

▪ Movie recording (1920×1080i) in AVCHD format

▪ Continuous burst speed up to 2.3fps (7fps in Speed Priority)

▪ 3-inch Wide XtraFine TruBlack (921k dots) tilt-able LCD

▪ Anti-dust System

-> Source: Cinema5d

They are also planing a camcorder with the same sensor and it will be compatible with "E-mount" interchangeable lenses developed for "NEX-5" and "NEX-3".

more infos about this can be found here

Olympus Pen E-PL1
check this out:

Nice! But only 720p and motion jpeg, but this will be the next step; Compact cams that can shoot video as well as DSLR.

Now think about it; TV series that were previously shot on 35mm are now beeing shot on DSLR. Soon a compact camera will be able to deliver the same image quality! Does that mean that soon, no matter if you buy a compact camera, a DSLR, a camcorder, a pro-sumer camera or a high end professional HD camera the image quality will be comparable? I think this means talent will matter more then ever before! HDSLR changed the industry for sure!

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