Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Folks, the following news made my day!
Lightworks Video Editor is going to be Open source! This means for the first time there is a serious open source alternative to AVID and Apple (and I don' t consider cinelerra, pitivi, blender video sequencer, avidemux (...) an alternative!).

So what is Open Source? No, it is not a Ketchup bottle left open, it means that the source code is going to be released to the public. So everyone who can code can join in to the coding-party and contribute to improve the software that he loves. This normally also means that the software is not only free as in speech but also free as in beer, and this is the plan! This highly professional award winning Editing Suit, that used to cost a fortune is going to be a free download before Q3 this year.

So what is Lightworks anyway? Academy® and Emmy® award-winning Lightworks was introduced in 1989 as the first and most advanced non-linear editing system on the market. Used by editors such as Chris Gill and multi Oscar-winning Thelma Schoonmaker, Lightworks offers intuitive controls, advanced real time effects, 2K native support with DPX or RED, and multi-camera editing features that remain unmatched. With wide support for codecs, including EditShare’s Universal Media Files, Lightworks achieves a level of unsurpassed interoperability by offering seamless media sharing with Avid and Final Cut Pro. This new workflow enables Lightworks artists to collaboratively edit projects with a much wider group of editors. By the way Lightworks was most-recently used by editor Chris Gill on the highly-anticipated Neil Marshall thriller, Centurion, as well as multi Oscar-winning editor, Thelma Schoonmaker, on the acclaimed Martin Scorsese thriller, Shutter Island.

Feature Highlights:

AVI, QuickTime, MXF, DPX and RED R3D, DV, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX, P2, AVC Intra, DNxHD, ProRes. Real-time up and down-scaling, from SD to 2K.

Advanced multi-cam editing with unlimited sources and dual-SDI outputs, so you can simultaneously view your source angles in sync with your edit.

Support for Adobe After Effects, Boris, Combustion, Sapphire and many more.

Real time video and audio effects, including primary and selective colour correction, are all guaranteed in resolutions up to 2K, thanks to Lightworks powerful GPU based effects engine.

Sub-frame audio editing, direct-to-timeline voice over tool, Mackie protocol support, real time playback of mixed sample and bit rates, and guaranteed real time multi-track audio.

The most advanced Project Sharing capabilities available, allowing editors to access each others’ work with the click of a button. Instant Save technology ensures you’ll never lose your work again.

Full-screen video output through a DVI-attached LCD display, with support up to 2K Full Frame, offering an inexpensive monitoring option, with no need for SDI hardware.

Lightworks is the only NLE available to offer multi-channel ingest, with support for synchronised capture, making it ideal for advanced 3D Stereoscopic projects.

Film making is going to be allot cheaper once again!

Read the press release
P.s. If google would open source VP8 codec today, I would suggest to call 14. of April as the opens-source-video-Day :) check this out!

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Anonymous said...

Does it run on OSX as well?

oli said...

It should be platform independent.
If it isn't, don t worry about it, if it is open source people will be quick to port it to there favorite Operating System.

Anonymous said...

Just really love you guys… what fantastic and well researched information. Thank you bunches.

Anonymous said...

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