Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey folks,

I did again some subjective tests, this time we tested the Canon 24-105 against the Cooke 21mm s4i and the Zeiss ZF 35mm against the Arri Zeiss 40mm Ultra Prime on the Canon 7D. This was just a small spontaneous test, I did not had a 40mm on the Zeiss ZF, 35mm was the closed we had. We will repeat these tests tough and will make them more elaborated (line charts e.t.c.).

7d bokeh test 1:
shutter: 2500
iso: 160
f/t: 2.8
lens-pl : 40mm ultra prime
lens nikon: zeiss ZF 35mm
white balance: 4600k
picture style: faithful 0-4-2+1
7d bokeh test 2:
shutter: 1250 / 2000
iso: 160
f/t: 4
lens-pl : cooke 21mm s4i
lens canon: canon 24-105
white balance: 4600k
picture style: faithful 0-4-2+1

Stills can be found HERE. What do you think of the quality and bokeh difference of the glass?

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Anonymous said...

so which lens do you think was the best in your opinion?
please let me know

oli said...

I prefer the bokeh on the ZF, just compare this image with the next one . In terms of look, I did not really see a difference between ZF and Ultra. On the other hand I think I liked the cookes best. They gave more dimension to the image.