Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally I am allowed to share my latest project the promo video of Air Rescue Luxembourg that I've shot on HD-DSLR's with you.

Director: Claude Kongs
Co-director (shooting): Raoul Nadalet
Production & Post-production: Digital Studio – lead artist David Horbach
Shooting & Sound: Espera Production
DOP: Olivier Koos – Gaffer: Serge Benassutti

and here is the making of:

The making of covers it pretty much, so I don't know what else to write. It was a long and cold shoot but a lot of fun! I think the results turned out to be great (especially if you consider the budget) and I hope you'll like it too!

Making of pictures can be found here.
Please make sure to also visit the directors blog:
UPDATE: and don't forget to vote for us :-)

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Anonymous said...

Sin beandrockt Oli! Wahnsinns Biller! Sin dei läscht Opnahmen am Himmel mat den 5 Helis CGI?

oli said...

Ola, Merci Jop den Schluss ass CGI, LAR hett eis niemols keinten all hier Helikopteren zum selweschtem Zeitpunkt schecke könne ;-)

Claude Kongs said...

Jo, effektiv sinn dei Fluchszenen am 3D, natierlech ass et relativ obwänneg gewircht fir dei kurtz Szenen mee et wor awer dei eenzeg Meigelechkeet d'ganz Fleet ze weisen.