Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi folks, I've found this on canon rumors;

Word for Word Email I have witnessed the testing of a new canon video DSLR here in Europe.To keep it short: the prototype is far from being close to production. There are issues with moire (due to line skipping?). The chip itself is sealed, but the image results look very similar to a 7d. Its also the same type of moire (!) as with the 7d. Canon obviously is aware of that problem and wants to test another chip later this year (newly developed?). The body looks pretty similar to a XL 2 (with EF Mount) but maybe thats for camouflage reasons.

According to a statement from a Canon rep Canon wants to “achieve Red one 2K Quality for roughly half the price of a ready-to-use Red one” (clearly more expensive than a Red Scarlet). No AF. For now recording has been done via HDMI to a nanoflash recorder from convergent design since the new Canon codec (4:2:2) has not yet been implemented into this prototype.

If this is true it will mean that the so called "red revolution" has finally affected the prosumer priced Camera segment. Three years ago 1/3" Sensors for prosumer cams were standart for years. Two years ago, it was a revolution to have a 1/2" Sensor on a 10k EUR cam (ex3). Then came RED.

RED was over the prosumer price level, but it seams that it will finally affect the prosumer market. Canon wants to compete with red, with a APS-C sized sensor (skipping 2/3" 4/3" ...) on the 10K EUR price level.

An at least APS-C sensor sized prosumer camera will also be necessary for Canon (and competitors) to compete with the "HD-DSLR revolution". This might also mean that the rumors about a raw output for the 5dmk3 are incorrect. How could Canon justify a much more expensive 4:2:2 camera against a much cheaper even bigger sized sensor DSLR that can shoot raw? oh... well, canon did this "mistake" before ;)

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