Sunday, February 21, 2010

The folks over at Red compared there new Red MX against the 7D and the F35 with a line 4k Zone plate. Here is a 100% crop with the 7d:
Jim Jannard says to this image "This is why we don't "line-skip""
Here is a triple crop of the 2k Circles of the chart.. Canon 7D, Sony F35, and RED ONE M-X
Jim Jannard "This test showcases the difference between line-skipping 1080P, real 1080P and 4K. (...) Because the sensors in the DSLRs are not really 24fps capable, they skip lines when they read the sensor so they can go faster. Fast enough to get to 24fps. So, for example, a sensor that does 6fps can only record 24fps if it reads every 4th line (from top to bottom). That leaves gaps in the information, which you can see on the chart or anything with high detail. If you shoot a finely patterned shirt, for example, you will get moire. If you shoot a brick wall, you might get artifacts that show up with motion."

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