Monday, December 28, 2009

Gamma & Density Co. has released a Canon version for their 3cP color correction and data management software. From there Site;

In addition to supporting many cinema cameras, 3cP-ST will now offer support for Canon DSLR camera media as well as full motion preview of color corrected footage. Working from the native 5d mkii or 7d files this compelling new software will not only allow for data management and color correction, but an overall workflow solution as well. DP of recently finished TV series "Tudors IV" (Showtime) Ousama Rawi B.S.C., C.S.C. used 3cP with Panavision's Genesis and he said: "Using 3cP led to dailies with no misunderstandings. Every scene was transferred accurately. Later, when the final timing sessions were embarked upon it actually took less time to complete than was scheduled.. That is remarkable."
More infos here and a video here

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