Thursday, October 1, 2009

Canon Rumor pointed be to nice post on a French blog with some very interesting rumors of the 1dmk4. Here a translation from Gloda:

It’s been talked about for a while, with the most contradictory roumors. Beginning of September it was Jeff Brehm, sports photographer in the US who slips some info on a forum: ‘I can’t tell you who told me… but an insider (…) told me last week that the new Canon Mark IV arrives next month.’ On the forum, other members discuss a bit, Jeff’s been asked where he’s received the information and in the next message he confirmed: ‘I’d prefer not to tell. We talked about it openly in the conversation, saying that that’s why we’ve begun to see the price of second hand Mark IIIs drop, but I’m not sure the guy would be comfortable with me attributing that info to him.’ A week ago, the roumor resurfaced and confirms the announcement, at the end of Octobre, of an EOS 1D Mark IV body with 16MP, APS-H, 12 fps. And at this point, one can begin to think that we’d like to believe this.
I pick up my phone. I call a potential source, usually up to date for what concerns the photography market. I tell him about the reports I’ve gather here on Shots, and inevitably we talk about switching; the sensitive subject matter pops up again. I ask my interlocutor: ‘According to you, is there a large number of photographers who have switched from Canon to Nikon these last two years?’ After an embarrassed silence, the answer is as dry as [esoteric]: ‘[It's nothing to say that] / [It's not worth mentioning] / [It's obvious] [??]‘ Good, so that’s done. It’s a reality, one which without a doubt upsets the aficionados of the red brand, but Canon has lost territory to Nikon who, objectively, has a much more readable position than it’s historic rival.

Thus I suggest [to my interlocutor] the hypothetical release of a new top-of-the-line item from Canon, a successor of the current 1D which could bring things back into balance, but the release date of which would be next spring. My interlocutor says: ‘It will be well before then.’ Whoa! There’s a piece of news that Canon photographers have been waiting for for a while. To be clear, Canon [must/will] ‘announce a new pro body during or at the end of October.’ Whilst I’m surprised about this news which contradicts other reports predicting the announcement rather for March 2010, I receive another info form a second source: ‘Nikon plans a similar announcement at the end of October.’ One thing may eplain the other. Thus, if I summarize. An announcement of a new pro body from Canon during or at the end of October.’ At the Salon de la Photo in Paris, starting October 15th, we’ll be there, my iPhone and me, to twitter the info and images live from the Salon. Or perhaps at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York (22nd to 24th October) or even at the London Canon Pro Photo Solution (27th and 28th October).

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Anonymous said...

not going to happen matey, that's offical. until mid next year

oli said...

On the other hand, I would be amazed that they would skip the Christmas biz, and would just wait for January.