Saturday, September 19, 2009

A week ago, I was told by a friend that someone from Canon disclosed to him, that Canon is working on a recorder for the 5dmk2/7D, which could record raw video. Furthermore, they would release a firmware update for the 5dmk2, to support 24/25 frame rates. This might happen at the beginning of 2010, the recorder would have a price tag of approximately 8k$.
At first, I did not take it seriously, as it was too much of an unconfirmed rumor. But then, I found THIS and THIS. It seams that someone "high-placed" was telling the same story; A recorder that records sRAW 1080p via (probably) HDMI from the VDSLR's. Coincidence?

Upon further research, I discovered this little snippet of information (from canonrumor):

“Mark the calendar

During this fall, Canon will make one of its largest and most important launches in the company’s history and we hope you can attend. During a luncheon, you are invited to listen to CEO Jouko Tuouminen, Marketing president Monica Forsberg and trend analyst Magnus Lindkvist, talking about tomorrows trends and factors of success in the continually more digitalized everyday life.

Date: September 29
Time: 11 am- 1pm

An invitation including more information will come soon.”
(Translated from the picture at the heading of this entry)

It might also be the 1DMK4, either way, I am pretty sure, something very interesting is going to hit us next year coming from the Canon camp!

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