Thursday, August 13, 2009

After a month of development and testing, Magic Lantern 0.1.6 is finally ready! Some of the new features:

* Custom cropmarks bitmap file
* Live histogram while recording
* Time remaining estimate indicator
* Automated focus pulls
* Focus stacking
* HDR exposure bracketing
* Lens data (hyperfocal distance, DOF, etc)
* Cleaner, multi-level menus that timeout automatically
* Audio monitoring can be turned off during clip review
* Internal mic can be used (must enable audio.mic-power=1 in config)
* Output audio volume control
* Configuration can be saved into magiclantern.cfg

It is still beta, but lots of usability bugs have been fixed since the 0.1.5 release. There is new documentation being written and new cropmarks files will be available soon.

As before, please review the Frequently Asked Questions. Bug reports can be entered in the issue tracker.

Good luck!

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