Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've found this on planet5d blog :
Rodney Charters (Director of Photography (DP) on the FOX TV series 24) has posted a video of a large “Primo 11 to 1 zoom” Panavision lens attached to the 5dmk2.
Here’s Rodney’s video explaining how they added an adapter to remove the vignetting:

On twitter, Rodney let me know this isn’t for 24 but is for another promo he’s doing.


This is not the first time a Panavision lens has been attached to the 5mk2. Very recently Axel Gimenez (ABGK studio) shot a very nice music video with a similar setup. Here some notes from him that he posten on blog.canon5d:

“First off, thanks for posting about my Panavision lens adapter. Just saw people blogging about my Panavision Lens Adapter so I figure I’d chime in here. I had it built about 3 years ago. It’s a Panavision mount, plus a spacer I had machined out of aluminum and the metal bayonet ring from the back of a Canon EOS lens (I ordered that part from Canon, didn’t cannibalize a lens). Originally I used it with my 20D which worked great. The smaller sensor size of the 20D happens to be essentially the same size as a motion picture 35mm negative . With the 5D it’s almost perfect but not as good as on the 20D. Because of the 5D’s full frame I sometimes get vignetting when I try to focus to objects that are close. With near focus I also sometimes get the 5D’s mirror to hit the rear element of the lens when it tries to drop back down to position. This wasn’t a problem on the 20D so Canon’s new 500D may be a better option with the Panavion Mount. But I have had great results with the Panavision / 5D combo. I recently shot and directed two music videos with the 5D and Panavision super speeds. I’m happy to share them as soon as their in the can.

Here’s a link to the first video I directed with the 5D. The Band is called Cynic Guru and the song is called Secret. They’re Icelandinc. The video was shot in Iceland and in NYC. We used 35 mm, 75 mm, and 150 mm Panavision Super Speed Primes. Side note: The lens in the photograph you posted is a 75 mm Super Speed prime."

The video is being aired in Iceland, UK and Georgia (the country not the US state)Read more:


Actually there seems to be big hype about putting Pana's on VDSLR's. You might want to take a look at this thread at redusers.

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