Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ola folks,

I uploaded some images from our "Gänseblümchen" shoot. Where we tested the canon 5dmk2 against Kodak Vision3 250D 35mm stock. The pictures can be found HERE.

Here are more infos about the project: I started a competition back in march under the name "liberate oli' s fridge" to make young motivated filmmakers more familiar with the medium celluloid film. Whoever send me the best one and a half page script, would get one reel 35mm, camera (Arriflex ST 3perf), lights and me as a DoP for one day at his disposal.

The SNJ was kind enough to support this competition with 2050 EUR. Sacha Bachim had won with his script "Gänseblümchen" a very nice story. We finished the shoot on the 21st of June staring Junior Dos Santos, Romain Pierrot and Fernand Fox. We shot the film with one single reel (one shot one take). We took advantage of the occasion and shot the film in parallel with the 5dmk2. Just for fun, as long as we did not got problems with the schedule. It will be an interesting (but very unfair and unscientific) comparison.

A big thanks goes here to the SNJ, Arri rental Luxembourg (Steffen Ditter), Color by dejonghe, Kodak and of course the feierblumm team. This project would not have been possible without you! Thank you!

More infos at feierblumm

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