Friday, October 3, 2008

Shooting for the feature film Heemwéi was completed last Sunday. The film enters post production shortly! Heemwei was done by the Feierblumm a.s.b.l., a none profit organization for film hobbyists. The total budget of this production was no more then 22 000 Euros (!) but beleive me, the production value is outstanding!

We shot with the beloved HVX200 combined with the Letus Extreme adapter with PL mount and three Arri Masterprimes. A combination of filters and gamma settings was used to bring the look as close to celluloid film as possible. The only lighting gear I had at my disposal was an 2,5k HMI, a 2k Open Face, 3 Redheads an inkie, flags, stands, cookies and that' s purity much it. The film might make it for the end of the year. Let' s cross our figures!

more infos at: feierblumm

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